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Our Story


Mayde creates luxury handcrafted concrete homewares for discerning, sustainably minded individuals who want pieces in their home to reflect who they are. Each piece is uniquely designed and crafted, ensuring no two are ever the same.

Small enough to be shipped, and large enough to make a statement, the product range has been designed to ensure maximum emotional impact, with minimal environmental impact. Our aim is to create statement pieces that will set off your space creating an earthy, homely feel.

With a product range that is consistently expanding and a current palette of 22 colours, start your Mayde journey today.


May has always had a fascination with nature. The sensory experience of the sights, sounds and touch of nature is what led her to the challenging sport of rock climbing. The endurance, problem solving and courage are all things that have helped her build confidence and belief, which is how she finds herself now founding Mayde, a business in a male dominated domain, requiring both physical and mental strength, using natural materials to create luxury tactile homewares.

Mayde started on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia a place where being surrounded by nature inspires the creation of natural, unique and earthy concrete homewares. For nature lovers, and design afficionados alike, being able to make a space your own, by adding tactile, beautiful and individually made pieces gives people a sense of who you are when in your home. May is leading the way in female-led concrete homewares, ensuring every piece is inspired by nature and designed with love.

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