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Frequently Asked Questions

Expectations of Concrete

We love our craft and are proud of the unique handmade products we can create. Our focus is customer care and we aim to deliver a product that others will value and love for many years to come. Therefore, we do our best to manage the expectations of what we can achieve with concrete and if it is the right product for you.

Concrete with its unique characteristics can be a gorgeous element in the home, adding natural texture and warmth to your space. It is hard wearing and will last a lifetime with a little bit of care. As it naturally ages, it will patina and gain character over time and while that’s a feature we love, we also understand that it may not be the right material for every household. A perfectionist may not find the natural variations to be endearing. Our products are sealed and waxed, providing an excellent high stain resistant but is not 100% stain proof. Those wanting a product that will look exactly the same throughout the years may need to consider an alternative material.

Please reach out to us anytime if you’d like to know more about our products or have any questions, we’re easy to get a hold of!

Characteristics of Concrete

Please keep these natural and unique characteristics in mind when considering the purchase of our concrete products. We believe these traits all add to the beauty of concrete as it naturally ages, much like a favourite pair of worn out jeans.

These are surface voids that are trapped air bubbles during the curing process. They can vary in size and number and cannot be controlled on where they will appear. They do not affect the durability of the concrete and are a natural part of any concrete that hasn’t been troweled or polished.

Occasionally, they might form on the inside of the basins, in which we will fill with coloured concrete to ensure the internal surface is smooth and practical. External bug holes are left as is and becomes a natural aesthetic of the product.

We use high quality oxides that are mixed into the concrete which creates full depth and integral colouring that won’t deteriorate over time. If a chip occurs, the same colour is seen throughout the product.

We go to great lengths to meticulously measure our ingredients to ensure our processes remain consistent. Even so, no two pieces of concrete will ever be exactly the same due to the natural way in which concrete cures.

Please allow slight colour variations from samples to final products as these are meant to be used as a general guide. Colours in the same hue may vary slightly across our range (i.e. Cassidy, Aarde and Corra) as textures also affect the final appearance.

If you’d like to purchase multiple matching concrete items, we recommend ordering all items to be batched at the same time. Otherwise, we cannot promise that products in the same colour range will be an exact match.

Our concrete is casted in a liquid state and flow lines can sometimes be visible. These lines are a natural characteristic of concrete.
Hairline cracks may develop and are a natural part of concrete. It does not affect the stability or structural integrity of your concrete and are not considered a defect.

General FAQs

Yes, all of our concrete products are sealed prior to delivery. We use the best sealers available on the market that are specifically designed for interior concrete products. Our hybrid polyurethane sealer is both penetrating and topical, maximising stain resistance while leaving a natural matte finish that is completely food safe. All types of sealer will wear over time. We recommend adding wax to your regular cleaning schedule to add protection to the sealer and help maintain the natural beauty of our concrete products for years to come. We recommend using Domcrete Concrete Countertop Wax

Our concrete specific sealers offer maximum protection from staining and heat resistance while being completely food safe. However, we can never guarantee a 100% stain-proof material. Similar to other stone such as marble, markings can occur from prolong exposures with spills like olive oil, red wine, juice, or coffee. Chipping, scratches and breakage can occur with enough force so care is required especially around edges. Hairline fractures may occur occasionally, though it does not affect the structural integrity of the concrete. This is the nature of concrete and is to be considered before choosing the product.

Yes, cleaning our products is simply done with a warm damp cloth or with mild detergent. No harsh or special chemicals are needed nor is it recommended. Adding wax to a regular bathroom cleaning schedule every 3-4 months will help maintain the product’s longevity and appearance.

All of our basins can be fitted with a standard 32mm waste. Our designs do not account for an overflow. Please get in touch if you require custom requirements.

Generally, no. We’ll usually advise against it. Kitchen sinks will experience a lot of heavy abrasions from pots, pans, cutlery and harsh chemicals which will quickly degrade the quality of the surface and sealer. With that said, some of our customers prefer the well used and well loved look that patinas over time. Others who don’t love the imperfections might find that our basins are more suitable for bathrooms and powder rooms.

Kitchen basins are one offs, please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss custom pieces.

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